Learning Chinese Bridging the Peoples

2024-04-23 20:58

As the Chinese poem goes, spring is the season when “gentle breeze greets the guests, and the Grain Rain ushers sunny days”. On April 20, sun-kissed Oslo bid farewell to the coldness of late spring. The "NIO House" in the city center, packed with guests, witnessed an unexpected encounter where the automobile show full of technological dynamics met with Chinese traditional culture. Here, the "International Chinese Language Day", sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Oslo and hosted by the Norwegian Chinese School, kicked off with cultural experience activities. A total number of over 350 guests, including Chinese language and culture enthusiasts, teachers, students and parents, representatives of relevant authorities attended the event, and many tourists visiting the "NIO House" were also attracted by the activities.

In the cultural experience section, Zhang Miao, Norway's first principal with Chinese backgrounds, explained to the guests the evolution of the Chinese word "He/harmony" and the philosophical concepts of "harmony in diversity" and "harmony in coexistence", introducing guests to the rich heritage of Chinese culture. In the calligraphy and painting corner, guests lined up to try their hand at the traditional writing brush. "Can you teach me how to write 'I love you'? I want to give it to my mother!" They took their chances on the Chinese brush pens and turned into calligraphers to express themselves. The children painted fjords and auroras with Chinese ink and watercolor, blending Chinese and Norwegian culture with their imagination. Young chess enthusiasts were excited about practicing Chinese chess and solving the "endgame". The kids gathered around the handicraft booth to learn how to make dragon-shaped lanterns, while obsessed with the teacher's stories on the auspicious and festive "Chinese dragon".

Ambassador Hou Yue delivered a passionate speech. She emphasized that Chinese is not only an ancient and beautiful language but also the most widely spoken language in the world. Norwegian friends’ active participation in Chinese learning speaks to the unique charm of the language. Learning Chinese is a "stepping stone" to understand the vast Chinese culture, a "golden key" to seize the opportunities of the times, and a "rainbow bridge" to bolster China-Norway friendship. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Norway. It is hoped that this would encourage more people to learn Chinese, make Chinese friends, and understand Chinese culture. She encouraged all Chinese language learners to enhance their understanding of China, so as to become messengers of China-Norway friendship.

As the familiar melody sounded, Marcus Forland Stragiotti, the first prize winner in the middle school category of this year’s Chinese Bridge Competition in Norway, performed the Latin dance version of "Kemusan" on stage. His uplifting performance received bursts of applause. Teachers and students from Elevebakken School and Asker International School presented the cheerful "Seaweed Dance" and the graceful traditional fan dance respectively. Amidst the enchanting sound of the Guqin, members of the Norwegian Tai Chi Association practiced Tai Chi sword, staging the combination of softness and hardness. "I wanna say thank you, because of you, the four seasons are warmed." The young children's voices singing "I wanna say thank you" filled the room with sincere friendship and gratitude. The guests responded with warm applause for all the wonderful programs.

Of course, the Chinese cultural experience would not be complete without Chinese cuisines. "These are dumplings, and they should be served with vinegar." The students taught their family and friends the "right way to eat" while enjoying together the delicious dishes. Many guests expressed that learning Chinese opened a window to understand China, and the cultural experience activities provided them with the opportunity to be fully immersed in China's splendid and rich history and civilization. The four-hour event came to an end on a bittersweet note as the guests and hosts bid farewell to each other, promising to meet again next year.

The event was reported live by Xinhua News Agency, China Minutes, and other media outlets.