Ambassador Hou Yue Visits the Munch Museum

2023-09-08 00:38

On September 6th, Ambassador Hou Yue visited the Munch Museum and met with the museum's director, Ms. Tone Hansen.

Ambassador Hou stated that Edvard Munch is a world-renowned artist and has many admirers in China as well. As the Chinese Ambassador, she believes that cultural and artistic exchange can serve as a perfect pillar to enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries and is determined to promote cooperation between Norwegian cultural institutions, including the Munch Museum, and China.

Ms. Hansen warmly welcomed Ambassador Hou and briefed her on the museum's international collaborations and plans for overseas exhibitions. She said that China has many outstanding artists, and the Munch Museum looks forward to collaborating with Chinese institutions to further promote cultural exchange. Ms. Hansen also expressed the desire to maintain contact with the Chinese Embassy on this matter.