Embassy Spokesperson’s Response on Foreign Minister Huitfeldt’s Comments Regarding the OHCHR “assessment” of Xinjiang
2022-09-03 01:07

    We strongly oppose to Foreign Minister Huitfeldt’s comments regarding the OHCHR “assessment” of Xinjiang. OHCHR drafted the “assessment” without the mandate from the Human Rights Council. The content was a mere patchwork of manufactured materials from certain anti-China groups and some unverified “testimonies”. The “assessment” deliberately ignored the unbearable trauma of the people living in Xinjiang caused by terrorism and extremism, and largely overlooked the urgent need and concrete achievements of counter measures in the region. The “assessment” is also filled with malicious lies, biased views and obvious prejudice, which is both illegal and invalid. Up to now, over 60 countries co-signed a letter to express their serious concerns over the “assessment”. Nearly 1,000 NGOs from across the world have written to the High Commissioner to express their opposition. It is also worth noting that even such an “assessment” has to point out Xinjiang's achievements in economic development, poverty alleviation and improvement of people's livelihood.

    Thanks to the concerted efforts of the Chinese government and the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, remarkable progress has been made in anti-terrorism and deradicalization. There has not been a single violent terrorist case in Xinjiang for over five years, and the number of tourists from home and abroad visiting Xinjiang has been on the rise. Facing the facts, the High Commissioner did not succumb to conduct a culpable investigation during her previous visit to Xinjiang as some have wished. But as a result, she was repeatedly attacked and harassed. We believe that, the Chinese people, especially those living in Xinjiang, are in the best position to tell the human rights conditions in Xinjiang, and the international community could has its own righteous judgment on the issue. Some anti-China fractions have continually tried to press UN agencies and mislead the international community, so as to further suppress China under the guise of human rights, and push forward their agenda to play the “Xinjiang card” in order to contain China. These attempts are doomed to fail.

    We firmly oppose to the “concerns” based on the complete farce and urge the Norwegian side to uphold an objective and fair stance, face Xinjiang's achievements in human rights and other fields squarely, and stop using Xinjiang as a pretext for political manipulation.

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