Let warmth and humanity shine
——The Embassy Spokesperson’s response to certain distorted coverage in Norwegian media on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
2022-02-22 20:59

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has come to a successful end. Norway dominated the Games with 16 gold medals, while China also had its best performance in history. We would like to convey warm congratulations to athletes of both countries. We also wish to express sincere appreciations to the Norwegian sports society who has offered valuable support in recent years to the development of winter sports in China.

Meanwhile, as we follow the Games, we also noticed that certain Norwegian media and journalists have produced a large number of distorted reports on China. They choose to turn a blind eye to the sportsmanship of unity and perseverance as well as the warm and touching moments on and off the pitch, and would rather launch smears and attacks towards China based on groundless presumptions or inherent prejudice without fieldwork. It is regrettable that the distorted news coverage abandons facts and truth, and goes against the professional ethics of journalism. Some of them even compare the Beijing Winter Olympics with the 1936 Olympics of Nazi Germany, which clearly reflects the darkness of these people’s mentality. Prejudice and smearing of a few will by no means overshadow the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics with the warmth and humanity it has shown, as well as the achievements and hopes it has created for people of all countries to overcome difficulties together for a shared future.

China, together with the world, have made tremendous efforts to overcome the impact of the pandemic in order to deliver a successful Winter Olympic Games. We welcomed athletes from all over the world with state-of-the-art facilities and caring and thoughtful service, for which many delegates have expressed sincere appreciations. During the Games, the thank-you notes from the Norwegian delegation to the Chinese service teams, the hug of Mons Røisland with Su Yiming and the patient waiting of Therese Johaug for Dinigeer Yilamujiang on the finish line, have all warmed the hearts of Chinese people.

“One world, one family”. The Beijing Winter Olympics will be a new starting point for solidarity and cooperation, and the spirit of Olympics will light up our path forward in pursuit of peace and friendship. China's development and opening-up will not stop, and the friendly cooperation between China and Norway will go on. We welcome friends from Norway and the rest of the world to travel to China after the pandemic to experience the real China and feel the warmth and humanity of the Chinese people.

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