Lithuania can only break the deadlock by correcting its mistakes
—— The Embassy Spokesperson’s response to comments from the Norwegian side on China-Lithuanian relations
2021-12-29 02:57

We have noticed the written reply from the Norwegian Foreign Minister Huitfeldt regarding China-Lithuanian relations. Our responses and clarifications are provided as follows:

1. Lithuania openly created the false impression of “one China, one Taiwan” in the world, challenged China’s national sovereignty and reunification, violated the basic norms of international relations and renounced the political commitment it made in the communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Lithuania. The Lithuanian side didn’t reflect on and correct its mistakes, but instead has kept distorting the facts, fabricating and spreading rumors in order to shirk its own responsibilities.

2. China protects the security and legitimate rights of all diplomatic missions in China and their normal operation, including Lithuania’s diplomatic representation, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. With the relations downgraded to the chargé d’affaires level, China asked Lithuania’s diplomatic representation in China to reapply for the identification cards. This is a normal procedure of China’s support and management of foreign missions in China, which complies with international law and common international practice. It does not affect the normal fulfillment of duties and life of Lithuanian diplomats in China.

3. The following situations are all verified to be fabricated information:

(1) “The safety of Lithuania’s diplomatic personnel in China is affected”;

(2) “The Chinese government has prohibited the employment of Chinese citizens by the office of the chargé d’affaires of Lithuania”;

(3) “The Lithuanian side applied for the extension of identification cards for its diplomats, and that it ‘did not get any answer to the request’ from the Chinese side”;

(4) “China is not clearing Lithuanian shipments and is rejecting import applications from Lithuania”.


4. The Lithuanian side has been deemed and played as a confronter or an enforcer against China, but disguises itself as a victim. Whoever tied the knot is responsible for untying it. The deadlock could only be broken by correcting the mistakes and returning to the right track of the one-China principle. Spreading of rumors will only lead the situation to the opposite direction.

We hope the Norwegian side could take an objective and fair standpoint on relevant issues. We have also noticed that Norway emphasizes and values international rules. It must be pointed out that Resolution 2758 of the UN General Assembly and the communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Lithuania are the exact international rules, which Lithuania has undoubtedly violated. We call on Norway to work with China to urge Lithuania to correct its mistakes as soon as possible, so as to safeguard the basic norms and rules of international relations as well as the healthy and stable development of relations between countries.

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