Wang Yi: China and Pacific Island Countries Are Deepening Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

2021-10-21 19:06

On October 21, 2021, State  Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi chaired the first China-Pacific Island  Countries Foreign Ministers' Meeting.

Wang Yi said that China and  Pacific Island Countries see their relations develop with a sound momentum and  their comprehensive strategic partnership deepens.

Wang Yi said that we respect each  other and treat each other as equals. China always respects the Island  Countries' development paths that suit their national conditions, sincerely  helps in their economic development and improvement of people's lives, and  firmly supports their equal-footed participation in regional and international  affairs.

We meet challenges together and  give hands to each other whenever needed. China always remembers the Island  Countries' supports in both words and actions to China's combat against the  pandemic, and has done its best to help their fights against the pandemic  including donating anti-pandemic materials and vaccines and founding and  financing the China-Pacific Island Countries Anti-COVID-19 Cooperation Fund.

We emphasize mutual benefit and  common development. China has signed Belt and Road cooperation documents with  all the ten Island Countries that have established diplomatic relations with  China, and successfully held three China-Pacific Island Countries Economic  Development and Cooperation Forums to jointly launch a great number of  cooperation projects to boost local development.

We are bosom friends and learn  from each other. China has established five Confucius institutes or classrooms  in the Island Countries, and sent more than 300 Chinese teachers and volunteers  in total. Thousands of young people of the Island Countries have been granted a  scholarship for study in China.