Establishing a Permanent Office and Dispatching Resident Journalists in China
2017-04-06 17:47

Currently foreign media organizations base their permanent offices and resident journalists in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou of Guangdong province and Shenyang of Liaoning province. 

1. Establishing a Permanent Office

To dispatch a resident journalist to China, foreign media organizations shall establish a permanent office in China first. A foreign media organization that applies for the establishment of a permanent office in China shall submit the following documents to the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry (the Information Department for short) directly or through a Chinese diplomatic mission abroad: 

(1) a written application (including information about the name, place of intended residence and business scope of the office to be established) signed by a principal officer in charge of the headquarters of the media organization (such as chairman, president, vice president, editor-in-chief, deputy editor-in-chief, radio/TV station president, deputy radio/TV station president, etc. ) ;

(2) a profile of the media organization;

(3) profiles of the head of the permanent office to be established and the journalists and staff members to be dispatched (including photocopy of passport, photocopy of journalist certificate, and CV, position and contacts details); and

(4) a copy of the document certifying that the media organization is established in its home country (for official media organizations, the document may be issued by the competent governmatal authorities). 

2. Dispatching Resident Journalists